Where is Doire Linn? What is the Irish version of Camolin, or Ireland’s Eye? Isn’t the name Lios an Phúca delightful? Where is it? What is it in English? Cill Airne or Cill Áirne, which is correct? What are the names of the rivers of County Dublin, in Irish? What is more correct: Contae Átha Cliath or Contae Bhaile Átha Cliath? Dún Laoire or Dún Laoghaire? What is the native name of where you live?

logainm.ie, like focal.ie is a project developed and managed by Fiontar in Dublin City University. This is a website containing a wealth of information regarding Irish placenames, providing names in Irish and in English as well as plenty of other information about the locations. You can find names of towns, townlands, rivers, and other physical features, all organised on an administrative basis, e.g. by county, etc. There are even audio clips for some of the Irish names, particularly those located in the Gaeltacht.

The project has been made possible by the work of the Placenames Branch of the Department of Rural, Community and Gaeltacht Affairs, and its predecessor.

The site is very easy to use, and can by found either through a tab at the top of the focal.ie page, or at its own dedicated link


Dublin Streetnames

Anyone examining the Irish versions of Dublin street signs will frequently be bewildered and frustrated by the sheer volume of inaccuracies contained upon them. There are many stupid errors, and even inconsistent versions at opposite ends of the same street. It appears as if nobody in authority really cares, and that use is not made of a standard database. Fortunately, though, one man, Séamas Ó Brógáin, has taken the trouble to voluntarily record the correct versions of street names, and has put these on-line. His work can be found at the following site:

Press the button (An Liosta) at the top right of the page in order to see the list.

Placenames Orders

Counties around the State are actively recording and standardising the Irish versions of placenames within their areas of competence. The placenames that have already been “ordered” can be found at the following website:

We assume that these names are consistent with what is to be found on logainm.ie

LibreOffice - The Choice for Irish

An Foclóir Beag (Dictionary)