Irish is now one of the languages that is included in Google’s GoogleTranslate tool. This means that one can now translate text from Irish to a multitude of other languages, as well as in the other direction. The translation is often far from perfect (although it can be perfect as well), but it is often adequate in order to understand the intended sense of the original text.

The quality of the translation will improve over time, as more and more translated text databases are added to the resource. The greater the size and quality of the database, the better the translation will be, since the methodology used in the translation process is based on the analysis of quality parallel texts (i.e. translated texts), finding patterns, matches, words and so on.

The Site

This is the GoogleTranslate site:

The interface language will depend on the settings of your own computer.

Another Intended Use of GoogleTranslate

GoogleTranslate is not just about pure translation. One of its main purposes is to allow people in different countries, with different languages, to read and understand each other’s webpages. It is now possible to set a webpage such that it shows in the language of the visitor, through automatic on-the-spot translation provided by the likes of GoogleTranslate.

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