LibreOffice Writer - A Word Processor for Irish

There is a suite, or set of applications, available, which is similar to Microsoft Office in many ways, but free and in Irish (and plenty of other languages). It is called LibreOffice and despite it being an excellent and internationally very popular application, it is relatively unknown in Ireland. However, from the point of view of the writing of Irish, it is easily the best application out there, so this is why it merits an entire column on this site!

Writer is the name given to the part of this suite that is the word processor. It is similar to MS Word, and can even read and save Word documents, but it is not the same thing. You can do plenty more as well, for example save documents in PDF format as a standard feature of the application.

You can set the interface language to one of many available, including Irish. Please refer to the appropriate link on the left in order to see how to install LibreOffice on your system.

LibreOffice boasts what are called “extensions” for a variety of functions. Amongst those are tools that apply to languages, such as dictionaries, spellcheckers, and so on. In the case of Irish, there are some particularly valuable extensions:

  • Thesaurus
  • Spellchecker
  • Grammar checker
  • Hyphenator

There are further details regarding these extensions, on the left.

... and by the way

The suite contains plenty more applications, including a spreadsheet programme (that can handle Excel files), a presentation application, a drawing programme, and more.

LibreOffice - The Choice for Irish

An Foclóir Beag (Dictionary)